Day tour to Knossos and Heraklion from Rethymno

Iraklio, Greece

Visit the palace of Knossos - residence of the legendary King Minos. Learn all the facts and legends of this incredible discovery.
Explore Heraklion city and the Archaeological Museum.
Day tour.
Duration: approx. 8 h



This excursion takes you straight to the heart of the Minoan Crete. The palace of Knossos dated 2000 BC was the prosperous Minoan Capital and the residence of the legendary King Minos. The ruins were Excavated and partly restored by Sir Arthur Evans in the late 19th century brought to the light an enormous complex of over a 1000 interlocking rooms which is probably the source of the well-known legend of the labyrinth. A guide will present all the facts and legends of this incredible discovery. Then there is time to explore Heraklion city where you can go to the Archaeological Museum. 


The trip starts with an early pick up from the nearest point to your accommodation (between 06.30 -08.00) & proceed eastwards at Knossos Palace/Temple-Tour on foot for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. Arrival at Heraklion city. Two hours free time for lunch, shopping or an optional visit to the Archaeological Museum. Departure from Heraklion at approximately 16:00Arrival back to the pick-up point at approximately 18:00

Tour guides: English, German and Russian.

Price does not include

  • Entrance fee: 15 €


  • In case of choosing a payment option, with two instalments (one paid online, second in cash), the second will be collected 3 days in advance from your hotel. Otherwise you can just pay the whole price online.

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  • Hotel pickup
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