Rental kayak (without guide) in Sesimbra

Sesimbra, Portugalia

The reservations are in advance and are subject to the equipment availability.



Canoeing is a type of sport that aims to bring its practitioners closer to nature, and in parallel, it brings huge benefits to the Cardiopulmonary System, once that it's a sport that requires some physical effort, implying healthy habits. We suggest a wide range of places to practice: lagoons, rivers and seas, passing through caves and desert beaches full of transparent waters, inviting for a swim. 

Equipment per kayak

  • 1 double Kayak
  • 2 oars
  • 2 vests
  • 2 seats
  • Waterproof bag


  • Up to 12 hours or to be defined


The kayaks are the sit on top type and have the capacity for 2 adults and 1 child.


For each kayak are included 2 vests. If eventually, the kayak's middle seat is occupied by a child until 10 years, we'll give the vest without adding the payment value.


  • Wear appropriate clothes: shorts/bikini, towel, hat, sunscreen, slippers and a warm sweater or a water and wind proof jacket (for use in case of need).
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