Looking for some fun ride? Try a banana boat ride and enjoy the exhilarating speed, with the wind in your hair and warm waters whizzing by underneath you.



Banana boat, often referred to simply as a banana, is an un-powered recreational inflatable designed to be pulled along by a boat. Riders sit astride the “banana” which is supported by two smaller tubes which provide balance and footrests. This allows riders to experience some of the thrill of moving fast and close to the water. At certain times, deliberate sharp turns add to the excitement of seeing who manages to hang on without being flipped overboard. It is much safer than water-skiing or surfing and is therefore a popular ride for families with children.

Price includes

  • Banana boat ride


  • Minimum 5 people
  • Please note, that in case of poor weather conditions the booking might be canceled

Meeting point

ID: 14071; Blue Waves


  • You will get wet on this ride, and you very well may fall off the banana during the course of this activity (it's part of the fun). We don't recommend this tour for anyone with severe back or neck problems, pregnant women, the elderly, or a previous severe injury, as you will be speeding across the water, and possibly falling off at high speed.
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