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Luxor - the largest outdoor museum in the world.
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You take the air-conditioned bus from the hotel at around 4 AM and head towards Luxor to start the tour from Madinet Habu.

Medinet Habu - located in Western Thebes in Egypt ruins of the temple complex of Totmes III, the burial temple and the palace of Ramses III. The complex also includes several chapels associated with god Amon. The most beautiful monuments are the South Gate between the two towers. These buildings are defensive, built in the Canaan fortresses' style. In ancient times the complex was surrounded by walls and was the administrative center of the region. The residences of the mansion are destroyed, and there are only a few scenes showing the king in the harem. Temple of Ramses III, the best preserved monument of this type, is preceded by high pylons, behind them is a courtyard surrounded by pillars depicting Pharaoh as Osiris' avatar. Behind the courtyard, the next pylons are preceded by a second courtyard behind which is the hypostyle hall with a group of statues depicting Pharaoh at the side of Thot god.

Then you'll go to the other side of Nile to see the Colossi of Memnon - statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III (height of 15,60 m, pedestal 17,90 m). The weight of each colossus is about 800 tons. They were set around 1370 BC in the West Thebes. This is the only preserved part of the pharaoh's burial temple, probably destroyed by the earthquake during the reign of Merenptah. Further damage was caused by the outflows of the Nile. Statues are carved out of rock blocks of quartzite and present Pharaoh on the throne. In front of the throne, on the sides of the pharaoh, two small figures of women are carved. These are the wife of Pharaoh Teja and his mother Mutemuja. The side walls of the throne show us two deities of Nile.

Next we will visit the alabaster factory, where you'll see how different things are made of that stone. 

Lunch time.

A visit to the Valley of Queens (currently Biban al-Harim) - part of theban necropolis, on the left side of Nile, to the south from the Valley of Kings. The tomb of Queen Nefertari - wife of Ramses II (QV66) and the tombs of sons Ramses III, Amonherhopshef (QV55) and Chaemaset (QV44) - are among the most beautiful and famous. They are decorated with multicolored polychromes referring to religious rites and the transition to the underworld. In 1979 the necropolis was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This tour is private. Price is for at least 2 people.

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