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Colour my Travel is an Organised Excursion Operator, licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority, that has introduced the popular and innovative concept of donation-based Free Tours to the Maltese Islands. We have always believed that the touristic experience in Malta, in relation to our rich history and culture, can be much more vivid than what is currently being offered and presented, and thus, our aim is to develop a range of innovative and exceptional tours that go beyond what others are offering, and setting us in a league of our own. We believe that heavy retelling of history is too dull and boring, so instead, our guides won’t just hit you with an onslaught of facts, dates and names, but will bring the past alive through their animated story-telling, coupled with their vast knowledge of all things Maltese, thus truly enriching the experience of those wanting to colour their stay in Malta. Colour my Travel is also releasing a set of free, cool mobile applications that enable tourists to fully enjoy their experience in Malta, while in the meantime, we will continue to look for creative and innovative ways to improve our tours and introduce new ones.

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